Who loves Jimmy Anderton- live at Deeply Vale

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Fast Cars live at Deeply Vale 1979

Who Loves Jimmy Anderton?, a barb at the controversial Mancunian Chief of Police, is the best song the Buzzcocks never wrote, but it's The Kids Just Wanna Dance, a number the group debuted here and later recorded as a single, that best encapsulates their style. Fast and furious, wildly anthemic, and lashed with flashing and flaming lead guitar, the band slammed pop-punk into street punk with mighty abandon. With their tough sound, blazing delivery, and madly melodic music, the Fast Cars were cruising straight into the modern age, creating a sound more in keeping with modern hardcore than second-wave punk rock. So here they are, revved up and ready to go -- the Fast Cars in all their original glory.
~ Jo-Ann Greene, All Music Guide