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Streets Ahead Records

Streets Ahead Records background / discography

The Streets Ahead label started as a small independent record shop at 42 Lloyd Street, Altrincham, Cheshire, (about 8 miles from Manchester), England, in the 1970's. It was owned by Bob Jefferson and his wife Jane.

They also used to promote gigs at the Bowdon Vale Social Club (also described as Bowdon Vale Youth Club) in the village of Bowdon, just outside Altrincham. We played there on 7th March, 1979 supported by Sister Ray, the following week Joy Division played (with Staff 9 in support), both gigs were photographed at the time by Martin O'Neill (and have been subject of an exhibition).

Other bands to have played there were: The Freshies, The Fall, V2, The Passage, The Red Crayola (with Scritti Politti in support).

From that they decided to launch an independent record label and went in search of good local bands that were still unsigned.

The first single they released was "Downpour" by FOREIGN PRESS [SA1]
The second was "Rejection" by PURE PRODUCT [SA2]
The third was "The Kids Just Wanna Dance" by FAST CARS [SA3] all in 1979.

The fourth single was never released although about 10 were pressed as demos, this was "Images of You" by FAST CARS [SA4]

The shop was closed in 1980, and since then the area has been redeveloped, and where the shop once stood is a large Supermarket.